History of the Church


Sacred Heart ChurchIn 1869, an association was formed in Cincinnati, Ohio, by Catholics of German descent for the purpose of locating a colony in Lawrence County, Tennessee.  The Reverend J.H. Hueser, D. D., pastor of St. Mary's Church in Millhousen, Indiana, became interested in the movement and placed himself at the disposal of Bishop Feehan of Nashville.  Reverend Hueser was sent to Lawrenceburg as the first Priest in Lawerence County.  Father Hueser left Lawrenceburg in 1871 to start a new settlement 14 miles south known as Glynnrock, which was later renamed Loretto.  He built a parish residence where Mass was celebrated from October 1871 to February 1872.  During this time, a solid-frame Church was built in honor of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, which also served as a school.  On February 2, 1872, the Feast of the Presentation of the Lord, Mass was celebrated for the first time in the new Church.